Let Wagwan London pull you in. To the city, to a creative community, to yourself!

This one’s for the dreamers. The ones with passion in their hearts and energy in their bodies, who know the world can be as big and bright as their imagination can take them.

Our events-based community is about diving into curiosity, fuelling passion and having FUN! We empower our members and help them shine; while making the big city feel a little smaller, a little cosier.

connect. Discover. become.

With Wagwan London, you will be energised to reach for and make your dreams your reality. The door is open for you to grow with a vibrant community of artistic individuals. Are you ready to walk through it and beyond?

Together, we can make it happen!

Why Wagwan London

Hey there! My name is Sade (@santesade) and I go crazy for wild hearts, connection and authenticity; how about you?!

I began Wagwan London because of a struggle many of us share. The one that challenges us to either stay in a position of comfort, or that asks us to dive into the murky waters of pursuing our heart’s desires.

And even if we do choose to jump, we’re often not sure where the next safe landing place will be or how to get there. We may feel we don’t have the tools, knowledge or connections needed to branch out and navigate the unchartered new territory (or maybe it’s confidence that’s the culprit), but in trying to remedy this, I created Wagwan London.

Wagwan London – A Creative Community

And not just any community, but one that sling-shots back from social media fuelled individualism to a place instead of genuine, in-person connection.

Wagwan London is about chasing our dreams and encouraging and supporting each other along the way. By creating a space of inspiration and offering connections to people and resources, we can lift one another up while we work towards our goals!

Do you want to be a part of an inspired and inspiring community? Join Wagwan London.
Have a suggestion for a person or place to be featured on Wagwan London, or want to share your story? Let us know!